Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The dead has risen, and they are waiting to feast on all of the great B-movies that Chiller brings.

Here is a couple of the many cool things that you could buy at Chiller.... But bring plenty of money, and be conservation-minded while you are there, because there are many things to buy there that fits everyone's fancy.
This is Chiller's most famous guest, Zacherly- The Cool Ghoul. Sorry the picture came out blurry.
This is a picture of my dad with the famous Peter Tork. (Peter is the guy on the right) Peter is known by his role in the band "The Monkees". Jeez, you pay twenty dollars for a picture, you should at least get a twenty dollar smile-- and look like you are sober.
You might want to know who this guy is. This is Troma's famous Joe Fleishaker, who is probably their "biggest star". He has played roles in all of the Toxic Avenger movies, and has gotten eaten by an escalator while being hit in the back with an axe in Terror Firmer
Here is a picture of one of the coolest people at the Chiller convention - The "Animal"

Let's just say he is Chiller's "Public Relations"

Announced Guests

I will not bother going through every guest that is listed on the Chiller Theatre homepage, so just go right to the source. Chiller Theatre Guest List

Welcome to Chiller Theatre....

Welcome to the site dedicated to the best convention in the world, the CHILLER THEATRE CONVENTION!!!!

This site will feature up-to-date news on what guests will be appearing on upcoming events, and also feature reviews on the cons that have past.

So welcome to Chiller Theatre- Where your dreams become your nightmares!!!